Friday, February 19, 2016

Thinking Strategically about Leadership in the Workplace

Peter Ambrose, director for the Merrill Lynch Northern Virginia market, focuses on strategic leadership in the workplace when managing people. Strategic leadership in the workplace is important for managing people effectively during transitional times. Peter Ambrose tries to be proactive about how he manages others by understanding where his employees are coming from, especially as new generations enter the workforce.

As Baby Boomers exit the workplace, new styles of thinking and leadership will come into play. It has been found that Millennials enjoy an unstructured workplace that allows for collaboration. This makes them more likely to adapt to dynamic workplaces. New employees from Generation Z, individuals born after 1998, will also enter the workforce soon. Since these individuals have only known life made possible by Google and social media, they will be proficient with new technology. On the other hand, they may have trouble with communication and conflict resolution.

Knowing about these new types of employees ahead of time will make for more effective communication with employees and better leadership in the workplace.