Friday, October 23, 2015

Developing Good Timing Can Benefit Your Tennis Game

Good timing is a key to playing well. A suitable playing rhythm comes naturally to players who grew up with the game. It is more difficult to achieve for an adult learning tennis.

Many novice players stay too close to the baseline, preferring to accumulate points by hitting short-distance balls. However, this reduces the time available for hitting the ball, and causes muscle contractions that interfere with overall technique. Stand about two or three yards back from the baseline. Doing so gives you time to adjust to an incoming shot and allows you to use more of the court. As a bonus, you will have less reason to worry about hitting too long, since the opponent's baseline is further away. If you’re new to the game, avoid playing solely for points; this will help you in the long run.

Following these suggestions can help you find an effortless rhythm of hitting the ball as it descends. This will in make the game that much more enjoyable.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

United Way Launches Center on Human Trafficking and Slavery

Peter Ambrose leverages more than two decades of experience in the financial industry to
serve as the director of Merrill Lynch’s Northern Virginia office. Outside of his endeavors
with Merrill Lynch, Peter Ambrose remains actively involved in his community through his
involvement with a number of organizations, including United Way.

Recently, government officials, leading nonprofits, and other groups gathered at United
Way Worldwide to celebrate the opening of its United Way Center on Human Trafficking
and Slavery. United Way explained that the center is designed to address the multifaceted
issue of modern slavery through collaborative partnerships that generate and execute
solutions in an effort to end the $150 billion business.

The United Way Center hosted a Leadership Forum to Combat Human Trafficking that
included a series of multi-sector talks on partnership development. The United Way Center will continue to unite top organizations to facilitate a greater response to human
trafficking, providing additional services for survivors, better victim identification, and
increased prevention efforts.